Mohammed Arbaz PatelUS

Thanks to Maria Ma'ams guidance scored 100/120in TOEFLGuys be regular with Ma'ams coaching and you will definitely get good results in exams like I did.Also in GRE verbal 151/170


Shikhar Nautiyal Vancouver, British Columbia

I have cleared my IELTS exam with overall score of 8 bands. I would like to thank Maria ma'am for supporting me thoughout my preparation. Some important things I would like to mention, which is practice intensively specially for writing and reading section. I would also like to add, whatever material that is recommended by ma'am are extremely helpful and crucial, especially when you don't have much time. Follow blindly what Maria ma'am says!


Vishnu Mane.

After trying to clear IELTS EXAM since past four years, I finally succeeded and got 6.5 bands, thanks to Maria mams classes which I joined last year. I had tried several coaching centres in and around Pune, but, nothing helped till MARIA MAAM's Classes recommended by other successful students. THANk YOU MAM..


Vijay Mhaske .

A trade technician, DME, with Marathi as my native language, it would have normally taken me 3 years to clear IELTS Exam. so, it took everyone with surprise, when I actually cleared IELTS General Exam with 7 bands, within a year. Thanks to Maria maam's classes I learnt grammar, in an easy step-by-step process with special emphasis on vocabulary, specialized tips and techniques that I managed 7 Band. Thanks Mam !


Krishna Rao .



Dnyaneshwar Kapote PhD student German University.

I was able to score 7 band in TOEFL with Maria maam's excellent guidance. Her teaching techniques are quite innovative helping the aspiring students to achieve desirable scores in limited frame of time. Highly recommended coaching class for aspiring students.


Santosh ShideAustralia

I am so happy to state that I could clear my IELTS EXAM with 7 band, due to Maria maam's coaching and wonderful techniques. I had to leave Pune, before I could complete my course, but, her tips were enough to guide me. Thanks mam. Wish you lots of success.


Vijay SuryawanshiAustralia

Dear Maam I am here good in Adelaide south Australia. I got job and everything is fine because of your class I achieved my score in PTE. I had been trying IELTS or PTE since 2009 but unfortunately I couldn't achieve my score. I just joined your class and within four months succeeded to accomplish my goal. You not only taught me English but also how to build confidence and encouraged me to achieve my score. Thank you so much for your valuable guidance. Thank you Maam


Vikrant Patil .

I was eager and happy to join Maria maam's class, as I had heard a lot about the way she teaches. And I was not disappointed. I first trained for IELTS then switched to PTE. Though I had to struggle a lot, I finally managed to pass PTE with 6 band. Thanks maam.


Sheetal Chowdhary .

I managed to clear IELTS with 6.5 band thanks to Maria mams coaching tips. Very patient and gives personal attention.Lots of sucess to you mam.


Sunil Gawand .

Hi all, I was able to clear the PTE EXAM with 6 band. Coming from Marathi medium school, passing International English test, seemed extremely diificult. But, practicing Maria maams tips over and over again helped me get the desired score. My sincere suggestion to all students, just follow the tips and you will get through. Thanks to Betty Maams guidance too.


Tulsi Shinde .

Thanks to Maria maam's training I could finally clear my IELTS exam, after striving for 5years. I attended several classes, but time and money, both got wasted. Maam's techniques and guidance helped me to clear the exam within 3 months. Thanks a tonne maam.


Narayan .

It was with the help of step by step guidance by Maria maam that I managed to pass IELTS.. I had to first give up the way I used to learn and train to learn in a new way, which was painful. But, the personal attention by Maria maam and Betty maam, finally helped me. Thanks and wish lots of success to all students


Jitendra Shinde .

I was under tremendous pressure to clear the PTE EXAM within a short time. I got Maria Maam's reference from my friends, who assured me with her help I would certainly get through. After trying various classes, I cleared the exam after joining Maria Maams classes. Thanks to Betty Maam and Maria Maam.


Amit Nakhate .

Hi all, I am so happy I could clear PTE Exam with 6 band after struggling for many years. All because of Maria mams training and help from Betty Mam too. I had a problem in learning the tips, as I had my own way of learning and adopt Maria Maam's tips was very difficult. She was very strict with me and insisted I follow the steps taught by her. Thanks to her efforts, I finally got through. Best of luck to other students.


Ahmed Raut

Hi all, Just follow the tips of Maria Maam and you will get your desired score. She teaches in a simple but effective way. I got 7.0 bands within a short time, thanks to Maam


Ashish Patil .

I had joined some classes before joining Maria Maam's class and also appeared for IELTS exam, but, could not get through. The tips and techniques taught by Maam helped me to pass and to my surprise achieve 7 band , as I am from Marathi medium school. Thanks Maam, now i can fulfill my dreams.


Anis Mujawar .

Thanks to Maria Maam's Coaching class, I am student of a Marathi medium school, could score 7.5 band in IELTS Exam. Credit goes to her personal attention, tips and techniques. Thanks Mam


Suryakanth Kharat .

I had practised and tried a lot, but, understood what PTE Exam is all about, after attending mam's classes. Thanks to her tips, I passed the exam with 6 band.


Suraj Gawali .

My command over English is quite good, so I was surprised when I did not clear PTE in my first attempt. I undetstood what was wrong, after I joined Maria mams class. Here I learnt the various techniques which helped me pass PTE with 7 band, within a short time. Thanks Maam

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